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Sunday, 6 May 2018 at the Toronto Botanical Gardens in GARDEN Hall

Speaker: John Alexander and Peter Kaelgren, of Alexander Arts on Native orchids

WEIRD, WILD AND WONDERFUL (Carnivores, Parasites and other unusual plants.) John and Peter began exploring nature together in 2003. A suggestion from friends had them looking for wild orchids after a visit to Purdon Conservation Area in 2011. In their quest to document the wild orchids of Ontario, they have found many other unusual and intriguing plants. In Weird, Wild and Wonderful – Carnivores, Parasites and other unusual plants John and Peter will introduce you to some of our unique botanical curiosities. And the Wonderful? Of course it will be orchids.

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Plant of the Month - April 2018

Jumellia saggitata

Terry Kowalczuk brought in his large Jumellia saggitata whose leaf axils were full of little fragrant white flowers! He keeps the plant on the floor of his small greenhouse where it does not get much sun. This genus is one of the Angraecoids that does not like transplanting and as a result the medium in this plant is just about gone, but no repotting is in sight! Terry waters the plant once a week and fertilizes occasionally! Eye-catching plant! Congratulations Terry (and I know now why my Jumellia snuffed it when I repotted it…And it had been doing so well too.…)

On the topic of the show table I would also like to mention Rosanna Lee’s Cattleya warscewiczii: Leslie Ee commented that it must get 12 hours of daylight to bloom.


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Importing Orchids into Canada

This is a very complex and sometimes frustrating topic.
Marilyn H. S. Light, Chair,
Conservation Committee of the Canadian Orchid Congress
sheds some light in this
excellent article. Some things have changed since this writing, but it is still helpful.