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Sunday, 7 October 2018 at the Toronto Botanical Gardens in Floral Hall

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Plant of the Month - September 2018

Paphiopedilum Saint Swithin (rothschildianum x philippinense).

Well done Synea! Synea Tan and her green thumb won the day yet again! –With her nicely grown and flowered Paphiopedilum Saint Swithin (rothschildianum x philippinense). She has it potted in a mix of bark, chopped sphagnum moss, coconut chips and Perlite. She summers it out of doors on the north side of her house on an open veranda. Out there it gets watered every 2-3 days and every day when it is hot and dry. She fertilizes with every watering with a very weak MSU fertilizer solution. She applies slow release fertilizer pellets once or twice per year to all her plants. She is experimenting with Orchidata, the bark of Pinus radiata, a pine with a small native California range, but imported and grown in Australia, Chili. South Africa and New Zealand, (as told to us by Fred Clarke). The bark lasts longer than that of other pine species, but must be watered frequently when it is new. It is usually heat treated or drenched with Methyl bromide before being allowed into the USA or Canada. “Kiwi” bark is the same bark, but it has not been treated and as a result the pH stays much more stable because the micro-organism balance in the bark is more stable. Also it holds onto fertilizer better (because it has Cat-ions on the surface) improving nutrition of the plant grown in it. It will last 2-3 years..

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Phalaenopsis Journal Second Quarter 28(2) 2018

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Future Meetings:

  • October 7: Jason Fischer, Orchids Limited (Minnesota)
  • November 4: John Marcotte of Orchids Canada speaking on Disas
  • Decmeber 2:  Annual auction and pot luck luncheon
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Importing Orchids into Canada

This is a very complex and sometimes frustrating topic.
Marilyn H. S. Light, Chair,
Conservation Committee of the Canadian Orchid Congress
sheds some light in this
excellent article. Some things have changed since this writing, but it is still helpful.