Southern Ontario Orchid Society

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Sunday, 29 January 2017 at the Toronto Botanical Gardens in Floral Hall

**Treats for the social break provided by members with names begining with the letter C through D

Getting Ready for the Big Show!

The SOOS show is fast approaching. For this meeting we will discuss tips and tricks for displaying your orchids as well as reviewing registration and judging proceedures. We will also make our final pitch for volunteers to help us at the show. (Members: volunteer at the show and get in free)

Our show in 2017 will be February 11 and 12

Video of the 2016 show courtesy Kristen Reuel (oogalaboo on YouTube)

2016 Ribbon Results

2016 Trophy Results

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Plant of the Month - November 2016

Warczewiczella amazonica

Saleem Baksh

Warczewiczella amazonica, (formerly called Chondrorhyncha [Chdrh.] amazonica) managed to steal the show last month. Saleem Baksh has had the plant since January when it had two growths. It now seemed to fill the pot and had one bud and five lovely, large, white flowers with purple veins in the proximal half of the lip, draping over the side of the pot. This plant is easy to kill, but Saleem is obviously one of those green thumb people! It is planted in a mix of New Zealand Sphagnum moss (mostly), cocoa bark bits, fir bark and Styrofoam bits. He had the plant out of doors for the summer under a mesh covered chair, where it received 5 hours of direct sun a day, but none of the noon sun. He never allows it to dry out, but uses a bit less water from October to March. Saleem fertilizes with an organic hydroponic fertilizer once a week. It likes room temperatures with nights of about 65F (17C) and days of 87F (30C). Congratulations ! We amazonica killers are all green with envy! Coming


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Future Meetings:

  • October 2 - Graham Wood Topic: Maudiae. Why has it changed so much?
  • November 6 - Jean Ikeson Topic: Dendrobiums
  • December 4 - Year end Holiday meeting and Auction.
Please check the Calendar for more events and details.

Importing Orchids into Canada

This is a very complex and sometimes frustrating topic.
Marilyn H. S. Light, Chair,
Conservation Committee of the Canadian Orchid Congress
sheds some light in this
excellent article.