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Sunday, 2 octoberr 2016 at the Toronto Botanical Gardens in Floral Hall

Graham WoodOur Speaker is Graham Wood

Topic: Paphiopedilum Maudiae. Why has it changed so much?

Graham is the founding owner, in 1990, of Lehua Orchids located on Hawaii Island, the Big Island. Since 2000 Lehua Orchids has focused on breeding new hybrids, primarily Paphiopedilums, with smaller programs in Lycaste and Angraecoids, and recently has commenced a Phragmipedium program. The Paph program has achieved considerable success and recognition. Amongst active breeders of slipper orchids Lehua Orchids is ranked No. 1 in the US for Hybridizers with Awarded Hybrids and No. 2 in the world. (There are hybridizers with more awarded hybrids but they are now either retired or have sadly passed on). Much of Lehua Orchids success has been achieved working with the single flower, mottled leaf, Maudiae style Paphs. Graham will be talking on the changes that have occurred in the Maudiae style hybrids; how these came about; and some of the objectives Lehua Orchids has for future breeding. He will also discuss Lehua Orchids culture of slipper orchids.
Graham is an accredited American Orchid Society judge and Lehua Orchids has received over 160 AOS quality and cultural awards since it began exhibiting in 2003.


SOOS Valentines Show February 13-14, 2016 was a great success

Our show in 2017 will be February 11 and 12

New vidoe of the 2016 show courtesy Kristen Reuel (oogalaboo on YouTube)

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Plant of the Month - September 2016Dendrobium Hibiki 'Pauwela'

Sherry Decyk
Dendrobium Hibiki ‘Pauwela’r

Our guest speaker Alan Koch informed us that this plant has flowers that are lighter than the FCC clone of this cross, called ‘Tiny Bubbles’, but are 25% larger than it instead! The leafless last year’s pseudo-bulbs were just covered with the slightly cupped light magenta flowers with a darker magenta and yellow lip. It is a cross of Dend. bracteosum and laevifolium. Sherry and Peter bought two plants of the cross from H&R two years ago. The other one is a poorer grower. This is the first time this plant bloomed - as a result of Sherry giving it more light. She grows it warm, with 62F nights in the winter. It is potted in a seedling bark mix. It gets watered once a week and fertilized every two weeks. Too bad Sherry and Peter did not bring it to the judging the day before..... Congratulations anyway!


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Future Meetings:

  • October 2 - Graham Wood Topic: Maudiae. Why has it changed so much?
  • November 6 - Jean Ikeson Topic: Dendrobiums
  • December 4 - Year end Holiday meeting and Auction.
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Importing Orchids into Canada

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Conservation Committee of the Canadian Orchid Congress
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