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The Toronto Judging Centre Toronto Judging Centre monthly judgings are open to all orchid growers. You need not be a member of AOS or SOOS. You can bring your plants to the Civic Garden Centre before one o'clock on the designated Saturday of each month. Plants are judged for AOS awards in accordance with the Handbook on Judging and Exhibition. If your plant is awarded there is a charge by the AOS (about $50.00 US). Non payment forfeits the right to future judging..

The Centre welcomes interested persons to come and observe the judging. There are opportunities to assist in plant research and administrative chores.

check the Calendar of Events for dates and times.

AOS Judging Results

A "?" in the results indicates a provisional award, requiring either; the new hybrid to be registered,  the species identification to be confirmed by a recognized taxonomist, or a clonal name to be provided.

bullet Toronto Judging Centre, January 2
bullet SOOS Show and Toronto Judging Centre 13 February
bullet Ottawa Orchid Society Show, April 24
bullet Toronto Judging Centre, May 1
bullet Toronto Judging Centre, July 3, 2010
bullet Toronto Judging Centre, June 5, 2010

Toronto Judging Centre, July 3, 2010:

  • Epidendrum mancum, CBR-AOS, Calvin Wong
  • Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi alba 'Crystal Star' HCC-AOS 78 points, Eric Lee.
  • Oncidium zelenkoanum 'Shangri-La Kwan Yin' CCM-AOS 80 points, Ron Weroski

Toronto Judging Centre, June 5, 2010:

  • Maxillaria sanderiana 'Paul Wilson's Choice' CCM 84 pts., Mario & Conni Ferrusi
  • Promenea Conni 'Freckle Face' (Crawshayana x Chameleon) HCC 77 pts., Mario & Conni Ferrusi
  • Promenea Ben Berliner 'Marshhollow' (Limelight x Crawshayana ) HCC 77 pts., Mario & Conni Ferrusi
  • Cattleytonia Annie Wong 'TGBlush' (Ctna. Maui Maid x Blc. Mahina Yahiro) HCC 77 points, Calvin Wong
  • Miltonia Breathless 'Dandy' HCC 77 pts., Doug & Terry Kennedy


Ottawa Orchid Society Show, April 24:

  • Lycaste Garfield ‘Jardin Botanique de Montreal’CCM-AOS 83 points, Jardin Botanique de Montreal Dryadella edwallii’ Shrooms!’CCM-AOS 85 points Mario & Conni Ferrusi
  • Epidendrum escobarianum ‘Mario Mireault’ CCE-AOS 93 points, Mario Mireault
  • Coelogyne parishii ‘Jardin Botanique de Montreal’ CCM-AOS 82 points Jardin Botanique de Montreal
  • Epicattleya Fringe Festival‘Lemon Pie’ HCC-AOS 78 points Marilyn Light

Toronto Judging Centre, May 1, 2010:

  • Paphiopedilum Mercatelii ‘Uncle James Patience’AM-AOS 80 points, Zephyrus Orchids.


Toronto Judging Centre, January 2:

  • Masdevallia Fandango ‘Northern Dance’ AM-AOS, 80 points, Mario and Conni Ferrusi
  • Odontocidium Big Mac ‘Suzy’ AM-AOS, 80 points, Alan Salzman.
  • Dendrobium lawesiae var. bicolor ‘Burnt Sugar’ CHM-AOS, 80 points, Terry and Doug Kennedy
  • Brassolaeliocattleya Mahina Yahiro ‘Ulii’ AM-AOS 86 points, Wilson Ng.
  • Paphiopedilum Fiordland Sunset ‘Wilson’s Choice’ HCC-AOS , 77 points, Wilson Ng
  • Brassolaeliocattleya (Final Touch x Circle of Life) ‘Peppermint Tips’ AM-AOS, 80 points, John Vermeer.

Toronto Judging Centre and SOOS Show, February 13:

  • Doritaenopsis Jia Ho Cherry x (lobbii x lindenii) HCC-AOS 77 points, Eric and Ellen Lee
  • Odontocidium Blackata ‘Lynne Guimond’ , HCC-AOS 79 points, Exotic Orchids Plus.
  • Sophronitis coccinea ‘Marshhollow’ CCM-AOS 81 points, Mario and Conni Ferrusi.
  • Masdevallia Sunrise Candy ‘Valentine Candy’ , HCC-AOS , Mario and Conni Ferrusi
  • Solinidiopsis tigroides ‘Meow’ CCM-AOS 85 points, Mario and Conni Ferrusi
  • Paphiopedilum Olympic Emerald ‘Wilson’s Choice’ AM-AOS 84 points, Wilson Ng.
  • AOS Show trophy: Conni and Mario Ferrusi

Paphiopedilum Olympic Emerald 'Wilson's Choice' AM-AOS, 84 points. photo pp

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