Online Plant Registration

Quick Start Instructions
  1. Go to The Login Page
  2. Login - You will need a username and password
    • ( For testing use username:   sample   and password:   sample )
  3. Click on Plant Registration
  4. Click on ADD NEW PLANT
  5. Enter the genus, complete name of the plant, and parentage ( if applicable ). Find the right class from the list and assign it to the plant
    • Genus:   Like Phalaenopsis or Cattleya. A dropdown list will help you find the right genus.
    • Name:  Complete name of your plant.
    • Parentage:  If the plant is a hybrid, enter the parents if you know them.
    • Display:  By default, all plants will be registered for your own display. If you have plants that you are planning to contribute to a society or group display, you can assign that plant to any of the group displays when you register
    • Class:  Assign you plant to the appropriate class by finding the class in the left column and moving it to the right column with the arrow button. The same exhibit cannot be entered in more than one class. Any individual plant or cut flower can be entered in one of classes 10 - 100 and in class 102 ( Specimen ). No other double entries are allowed. If you do NOT want your plant considered for an AOS award, check the "Not for AOS" box.
        What does this mean?  Any plant in the show may be considered by the American Orchid Society judges for an AOS Award. Should your plant be granted an award, you will be charged is a fee of about $36 USD payable to the AOS for the processing of the award. If you do not wish to pay this fee, then you may designate this plant as Not for AOS judging.
  6. Click ADD Repeat for all your plants
  7. Click Review Entries
  8. If everything is alright, then print that page for your reference. and click SUBMIT
  9. You're Done!
To Edit your entries:

Go back to the Plant Registration page. Click on the name of the plant you want to enter. It's information will appear in the data entry form. Make your adjustments and click Submit.

If you have questions, please contact: