Next Meeting

Sunday, June 3, 2018 at theĀ Toronto Botanical Gardens inĀ Floral Hall


  • Sales start at 12:00 ( not before )
  • Orchid Round Table:   Knowledgeable members will discuss cultural topics in small group formats around several tables in the hall. The intent is that everyone will be able to rotate to all of the sessions during the meeting.
    Tentative topics are: Repotting, Potting media, Summering plants, and Terrarium culture. There will also be session on using computerized orchid information systems.
  • Program starts at 1:00
  • Member plant table review
  • Raffle
  • Treats for the social break provided by members whose names start with letter M and N

Future Meetings:

July 8th ( Orchid Summerfest )

September 2nd ( Fred Clarke, Sunset Valley Orchids )

Please check the Calendar for more events and details.