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After careful consideration by the Southern Ontario Orchid Society (“SOOS”) Executive, we have decided to cancel our regular monthly meeting scheduled for April 12 due to Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) concerns, after the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic, and the Canadian Federal government and the Ontario Health Minister recommended cancelling large gatherings, and suggested that we all practice “social distancing”.

We will decide on a course of action regarding future meetings, as the situation develops. We will inform you via e-mail, and through notifications on the SOOS website, and on the SOOS Facebook site.

We understand that the cancellation creates difficulties for our members and vendors. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused due to this difficult decision.

Your orchids will continue to grow and bloom, so we encourage you to take photos of your flowers and post them on our SOOS Facebook Group page Southern Ontario Orchid Society Group, where you can share your growing successes and experiences.

Stay safe and healthy. We will get over this in time, however our daily habits are going to be drastically changed in the interim as we attempt to blunt the curve of COVID-19 infections so that that our health system does not get overwhelmed.

Thank you.

John Vermeer


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