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AugustFest Poster

    A complete list of confirmed vendors attending the orchid sale on August 7th

  1. Alexander Arts
  2. A Bloomin’ Addiction
  3. AnLi’s Orchids
  4. Crystal Star
  5. C & C Orchids
  6. Di Ciommo Orchids
  7. Flora Peculia
  8. Members’ Sales
  9. Orchids in our Tropics
  10. Ravenvision
  11. SOOS Membership and Conservation Committee

Further meetings, speakers and topics:

Sep 4th

Phil Spence

Topic: Latouria Dendrobiums

Oct 2nd

Marcel Bénéteau

Topic: The Orchids of Manitoulin

Nov 6th

Drew Goddard

Topic: This Side of Paradise, Novelty Phalaenopsis

Dec 4th

Annual Auction, Pot Luck Lunch

If you are willing to help out at our one-day sale on August, Please email to:
Awards of the show table at March meeting

Music Credit: By: Kevin MacLeod

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