Volunteers make the annual Southern Ontario Orchid Society Show and Sale happen. Come be part of the fun.

  1.   Your Name.
  2.   Your e-mail address and phone number.
  3.   The volunteer opportunity that you are interested in.
  4.   Day and time you are available to volunteer.
  5.   Special needs or abilities.
  6.   If not a member of SOOS, why do you want to volunteer?

Volunteer Opportunities

  1. Kitchen hospitality
  2. Plant mover
  3. General set-up
  1.   Admission and welcome desk
  2.   Clerking for show ribbons (7:30 am to 11:00 am)
  3.   Coat and plant hotel
  4.   Kitchen hospitality
  5.   Show operations; greet and direct visitors
  1.   Admission and welcome desk
  2.   Coat and plant hotel
  3.   Kitchen hospitality
  4.   Youth program
  5.   Show operations; greet and direct visitors
  6.   Teardown

Job Descriptions :

Admission and welcome desk : The most important volunteer job going. Greet our visitors with a smile while processing their payment.

Clerking for ribbon judging ( 7:30 am to 11 am ) : At the crack of dawn Saturday, the judges gather to evaluate every bloom and to award ribbons. Each team of judges is assigned 2 or 3 clerks to record decisions and to place ribbons on the awarded plants. If you are new to orchids, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn from the experts.

Coat and plant hotel : Purchases and bags are not allowed into the Floral Hall. We offer a coat and plant check to make our visitor’s time more enjoyable.

Kitchen hospitality : Like an army, the SOOS show marches on its stomach. Help refresh our volunteers and vendors preparing food, making coffee and of course, washing dishes. There is great satisfaction in feeding the weary orchid lover.

Youth progam (Sunday only) : If we have sufficient volunteers, youth and parents can go to the Moriyama Foyer to learn about orchids on Sunday afternoon. This is not a babysitting service.

Show operations : Be the ones who keep the show moving along, the visitors delighted, and any disruptions handled smoothly and with dispatch.

General setup ( Friday ) : See the show take shape by moving plants inside, putting up signage, and helping to set up the SOOS exhibits, along with other miscellaneous tasks.

Teardown ( Sunday) : All that went up on Friday begins to come down at 4:15pm.