monthly meeting

Join our Hybrid in person and virtual meeting on April 2nd at 1:00pm.

( Check your SOOS membership newsletter to obtain the upcoming access code for the virtual meeting. )
Speaker: Alla Linetsky
Topic: Lighting Up Your Growing Area

Vendor Sales at the TBG Noon to 1:00pm.

( Photos for Virtual Show Table have to be received by Wednesday March 29 th )

Many more for In-person meeting at the TBG

  • Cultural Snapshots More Details
  • Retail sales
  • Show table
  • Members Sales
  • Orchid Doctor
  • Raffle
  • Coffee and snacks

Awards for the show table

show table Poster

Plant Awards of the Month

Points will be given in the usual manner towards the ‘Orchid Grower of the Year’ program for participation and winning. Winners will be posted on the SOOS website and the SOOS YouTube Channel.

Categories will be the same for both in-person and virtual show tables: Cattleya Alliance, Vanda Alliance, Cypripedium Alliance, Oncidium Alliance, Dendrobium Alliance, Cymbidiinae/Catasetinae, Miscellaneous and Displays.

Further meetings, speakers and topics:

May 7th

Hendrik van der Hoven

Orchid Species of South Africa

Jun 4th

Alan Koch

Unusual Species for the Cattleya Grower

Aug 6th


Jurahame Leyva

Sep 3rd

Ron McHatton

Sex in the Greenhouse

Oct 1st

Dave Sorokowsky

Nov 5th

Jyotsna Sharma

Invisible partners of Orchids

Dec 3rd

Annual Auction, Pot Luck Lunch