Appropriate Usages of the Members Sales Table at our Annual Show

Members of SOOS are welcome to bring up to 10 plants to sell at the Show and Sale. Please fill in the application form ahead of time and bring it with your plants on Friday or Saturday morning.

Since the area gets pretty crazy at times, please clearly mark the pots with your name, the name of the plant, and the amount.

SOOS will take 10% of the proceeds.

Use this form if you want to sell plants on the Members Sales Table at the annual show

  Member Sales Form  

  1. Please use the Members Sales Form for all plants/items. It can be found at Please remember to put your name and membership number on the form.
  2. Bring your plants to the Members sales table on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning before 10:30 am.
  3. Make sure that the price is ON the plant.
  4. The name tag should be clearly visible.
  5. As usual SOOS will take a 10% donation from member sales.
  6. Each member can enter up to 20 plants/items ( 10 for Saturday and 10 for Sunday ) . A maximum of 10 plants per member will be displayed on the table at any one time.
  7. Other plants and non-orchid related items will be sold only if space is available. All plants/items are included in the 20 per member limit.
  8. Plants must be healthy and free of insects and disease. SOOS retains the right to withdraw plants/items for sale or display if it is deemed that the plant/item does not meet these criteria.
  9. SOOS is not responsible for lost or stolen plants.
  10. Cash out is on Sunday after the 5pm close of the Show.